Shifter Revelry Bell is on the run.

Pursued by both her pack and the Enforcers of the Preternatural Council, there are few places to hide. When her cash starts dwindling, Revelry picks up work in the small town of Ridgwood, USA. Trouble is, Ridgewood is home to a large shifter community and staying hidden isn't easy. Particularly with the sexy Connor Blythe home on leave and watching Revelry's every move.

Connor is everything Revelry is trying to avoid. A fellow wolf, he is also an Enforcer and very suspicious of the new girl in town. But when danger and violence rock Ridgwood to its core, Revelry must decide if she can trust him, even if it means losing her freedom - or possibly even her life.


"I need to be invested in the characters to enjoy a sotry and I certainly was here - they're a fantastic group and the plots are perfect, tying in with the main theme to produce a reveting, exciting and suspenseful romance." Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews


"Peta Crake does a fine job setting up all the different plot strings and pulling them together in an interesting web of intrigue."  Snarky Mom Reads


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