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* * * COMING SOON * * *

DEFIANCE, the third Ophelia Lind book, is due out mid-2015


* * * SACRIFICE * * *

Sacrifice, the second book in the Ophelia Lind Series,
is now available from:

Amazon   Kobo   Apple   Google  
Destiny Romance  Penguin

and other great e-book retailers.


"It brings to you a world not like our own. It brings us a story about super handsome and stubborn gods and the women they love. It brings us revenge and what one man will do to get it." All Night Books
Full review here. 

"It's a bumpy ride and enjoyable one as Ms Crake drags Phi through her adventures and more often than not, misadventures. If you're a fan of mythology, weird worlds and even weirder characters, don't miss Sacrifice by Peta Crake" Kees2Create
Full review here.





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