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* * * COMING SOON * * *
SACRIFICE, the second Ophelia Lind (Harbinger) book, is scheduled for release in November 2014.

DEFIANCE, the third Ophelia Lind book, is due out mid-2015

* * * REVELRY * * *

Revelry is available from:

Destiny Romance , Amazon , Apple , Google , Kobo

and other great e-book retailers.


“I need to be invested in the characters to enjoy a story and I certainly was here – they’re a fantastic group and the plots are perfect, tying in with the main theme to produce a riveting, exciting and suspenseful romance.” Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

Full review here.


“Peta Crake does a fine job setting up all the different plot strings and pulling them together into an interesting web of intrigue.”  Snarky Mom Reads

Full Review here.


“The world is rich and believable, even if there are a number of different shifters as residents. The last act has so much action that I sped to the end. This book did not lack excitement and surprises!” Carrie Reads A Lot

Full review here.


* * * HARBINGER * * *

Harbinger is available in large print paperback at

Read How You Want , and in digital format at Penguin Australia,

Destiny Romance, Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Google Books


"This fantastic book is a must read for all that enjoy mythology, humour, romance and action. It has it all." Turner's Antics 
Full review here

"...This was not at all what I expected. I was only initially attracted to the book from it's gorgeous cover but I read this entire thing in a little over 2 days...Peta Crake is not only a talented authoress who reeled me in with her straight-from-the-hip writing style, but she has crafted a story that literally leaves me sad that it's over." Totally Booked 
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"You should read this book for the main character. Ophelia Lind is not quite Lisbeth Salandar, but she’s damn close." Chick Lit Worth Reading
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"More than just a love story! It's a wild roller-coaster ride spanning worlds and dimensions!" Book Junkie Joint
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